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Editing Services and Proofreading – Who Needs them?

Proofreading Services

Proofreading Services

Book authors, article writers, researchers, newsletter publishers, business promoters, advertisers, teachers, office administrators, manufacturers, public communicators, students, bloggers, website builders and the list goes on…

It is always important to present yourself professionally and competently.

Our professional Proofreading and Editing Services can help you polish up your writing to produce grammatically-correct and error-free copy, ready for publication and printing.

What Christian Editing Services are Available?

Before publishing or printing your next …

  • Newsletter
  • Mass e-mail
  • Brochure
  • Article
  • Book Manuscript
  • Guide or Manual
  • Website Content
  • Dissertation or Teaching
  • Registration/Application Form …

Contact Christian Editing Services!

We will take a quick look at your document and offer you the best possible proofreading and editing services for your document at the best possible price!

Our team of professional writers and editors are here to help YOU to write right!

Newsletters and Correspondence – Let our online editing service providers do a final read-through to catch any typos that may have been missed out by the author or other proofreaders.

Mass e-mails – Have you ever wanted to “call back” an e-mail that you just sent to hundreds or thousands of people because you noticed an error just after hitting “send”? Let Christian Editing Services catch them for you before they go viral. We can even test your links for you if you use them in your e-mails.

Brochures – When promoting your business or organization, you need to look professional. Errors on your advertising can be avoided by sending your proofs to us for quick and thorough proofreading services.

Articles – Articles are usually written very quickly, especially news for inclusion in daily newspapers and online e-magazines. Freelance editors at Christian Editing Services can help you to improve and even shorten your articles for publication.

Book Manuscripts – Our book editing services have proven to be invaluable to several new Christian authors recently. Whether you’re writing your first book or you’ve published dozens of them, book editing and proofreading is a must! Contact book editors at Christian Editing Services for the best pricing and excellent service. They will weed out grammar errors, punctuation problems, typos, inconsistencies and smooth out awkward wording.

User Guides and Manuals – Doris Schuster, Chief Editor of Christian Editing Services, has been working with user guides and manuals of all types for over 30 years. Her precision in both French and English editing and proofreading is highly valued by her long-standing and more recent customers.  Contact Doris for professional editing services.

Website content – Your website is your professional showcase. We offer online editing services to make sure that the text on your site is error-free, clear and easy to understand. We also make sure that the links on your website actually work as intended.

Research Papers, Dissertations, Essays and Teachings – Our freelance editors are perfectionists. We want you to look good on paper, so we will go through your research papers, dissertations, essays and teachings with a fine-toothed comb to catch any typos, inconsistent or incorrect references and any other writing issues. Our dissertation and essay editing services are at your disposal at very reasonable costs.

Office Administration Documents – How many forms and reports are filled out by job seekers, employees, clients, contractors and sales professionals every day? Our proofreading services can help ensure that your online forms and printed forms are error-free.


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Christian Editing Services – Helping YOU to Write Right!


Editing Services

Editing Services




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