Think about Things that are Excellent!

The month of December has been busy with thoughts scattered in many directions. However, over the last few days my thoughts have been focussed on the more excellent things!

We celebrated the birth of Jesus in our usual way but several unexpected things happened – some good, some not so good.

Just moments ago, I swept up the pieces of my favourite glass serving plate, which had fallen off the edge of the counter. It was decorated with delicate, painted flowers and gold trim. The ladies who visit my home regularly will know exactly which one I mean because I use it all the time.

Earlier this weekend, because of the busyness, several of my other “treasures” were broken. It started on December 23rd, when my son and I were decorating our Christmas tree. It is one of our traditions to do this as close to Christmas Eve as possible. I waited till the 23rd, till my son was home from college, so that we could do it together. While trimming the tree, I dropped two Christmas ornaments that were very meaningful to me – one was a little ceramic frame ornament with an older picture of my triplet nephews and niece in it. Good thing I still have the picture! The other was one of my favourite, older, decorated-glass ornaments from Germany. I was saddened as I swept up the pieces, especially because I only have a few of these old ornaments left.

But God did some amazing things in my home this weekend that compensated for all the losses of physical treasures. Without any coaxing on my part, my husband surprised me by coming to Christmas Eve Service with me this year. It’s been a very long time since he’s been to church and I was thrilled that he actually shared this news with our son before I had a chance to mention it to him. He was just as surprised as I was at his dad’s decision to join us at church on the 24th and he asked me what I had done to his dad to “break him”. I assured him that it had nothing to do with me!

The second wonderful surprize was that I saw him enjoying the service… singing, smiling, watching and listening to every word.

My son also seemed to have been paying attention to the sermon. He revealed to me today that he wants to tattoo the words spoken by our pastor on his arms. The words that made such a big impact on him were, “My life goes on… forever”.

This “forever”, this “eternity” is more important and more wonderful than anything we have here on earth – including our keepsakes and treasures, which will break, shatter, fade or be lost some day.

It is the lesson that I was to learn this Christmas, at a deeper level, through two of my dearest ones.

During our Christmas Eve dinner, my husband, who rarely has meaningful conversations with anyone, began to tell my son and me how he had been “different” these past few weeks. He said that he had been led to share what he has, and to give of his “treasures” to those around him who matter more than the treasures themselves – including his colleagues, his two sons and his wife. One of the wisest things I’ve ever heard him say was during this Christmas dinner. He said, “Money isn’t that important anymore. I just wanted to give my motorcycle money away.” And he did!

God has made my husband more generous and more giving and that matters more than all the treasures.

As my son stated, “My life goes on… forever” but I can’t take any of those treasures into eternity with me.

Giving is more satisfying than collecting. It is one of those “excellent” things that are mentioned in Philippians 4:8.

”And now, dear brothers and sisters, one final thing. Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise.”

Christmas Blessings!


10 Responses to “Think about Things that are Excellent!”

  1. Marius says:

    That is awesome Doris! May the Lord continue to give you the true desires of your heart with riches that do not spoil. Awesome!

  2. Gloria says:

    Just back from the west and reading the goings-on…the verse “The Lord gives and the Lord takes away” comes to mind…He is totally in control of our lives right down to the smallest details.

    So awesome to hear about your husband Doris…lets keep praying for him ladies!

    And thanks Dale for sharing your “healing” story…I am presently coming down with some type of virus and hoping that I don’t have to miss the new years festivities. When I think back I am usually sick around new years…and that is a pattern that has to STOP…it is about the enemy trying to rob me of a happy healthy start to the new year and he’s not going to get away with it this year…ladies please pray for me!

    Love and Light to you all in 2012 and beyond. Gloria

  3. Sue says:

    Isn’t it amazing how, when God moves, the things that we can’t “make happen” just start to happen. I’m so thankful for what God is doing in your husband’s heart Doris – thanks for sharing.

  4. Gail says:

    Great to hear how the Lord is working in your family life.
    Thanks for taking the time to share, Doris.
    Blessings to all in the New Year.
    Love you,

  5. Doris says:

    What wonderful stories of Christmas blessings!
    Thanks to all who wrote in!

  6. Christel says:

    Great story Doris, its wonderful to hear that your family is as close knit as ever. Im sorry you lost 3 treasures during you Christmas decorating, but as you mentioned they are not lost in your heart.New traditions can allways start with some newer decorations!

  7. Dale says:

    Things that are excellent-My Christmas blessing

    I awoke Christmas eve day to a nasty bout of the flu that left me unable to leave my bed accept to visit the bathroom. What was more devestasting to me was that I was to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with my daughters and their husbands.

    Quite by chance I had called you to share a friends healing testimony with you and before I got off the phone you prayed healing and wellness over me.

    One of my daughters came over to retrieve the food I had purchased for our feast of the fishes and upon seeing me curled up in bed was so sad that I would have to miss the festivities. She was also firm that there was no way I could come and pass this on to others. As she left blowing me kisses and air hugs I must say I shed a few tears before I fell fast asleep. I woke up one hour later to a text message from my daughters saying that regardless of how I felt they wanted me to come over, if I promised to keep away from cooking and hugging. I jumped out of bed, showered and put on my best face. While driving over I realized that I felt fantastic! All signs of the flu were gone. I arrived, ate the fabulous seafood dinner, had a great night sleep and spent the morning enjoying my family. Later Christmas day I was able to take my Mom to our huge family gathering.

    I would never have thought to pray for healing for the flu.

    I will now~Thank you once again for praying for more excellent health!

  8. Dale says:

    Doris, What a wonderful testimony you have shared as it points to the blessings received when you combine Faith with Prayer and Surrender to Gods Timing.

    God Bless

  9. Claudette Hann says:

    Hi Doris,
    Your happiness is oozing off the pages. I am just so happy for you. As you know I too was blessed with attending services with Dennis at my side. Although he found the Saturday services boring and mentioned ‘your guy explained it better than that’ I knew that Marius had managed to reach his inner most being about a relationship with Jesus. We continue to lift our love ones up in prayer knowing that our work will be rewarded and our love ones will return from the enemies land. Bless you. Claudette

  10. Nancy says:

    Wonderful happenings Doris. Your patience has endured. God bless this shift within your family dynamics. It’s all about relationship and love. May it flow on into 2012.

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