The Eden Connection


The Eden Connection

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The Eden Connection: Feel Better Look Younger, and Live a More Energetic Life

By David Cooley, Certified Health Coach

This up-to-date book is full of excellent information for keeping our body healthy.

Christian author and Certified Health Coach, David Cooley, says that “there is a reason why we experience so much sickness and disease and there is a solution.” Cancer affects nearly half the population, cardiovascular disease is an everyday occurrence, and dementia continues to rise. Yet we can still expect to live a prescription-free life!

God has given us the responsibility to take care of our body. He has provided everything we need to maintain and sustain our body and to determine the condition of our health.

Although we cannot go back to the Garden of Eden, The Eden Connection provides 8 practical steps that support the body’s design as it was created by God. The book invites you to take the steps to ensure better personal health and wellness, all the way into your retirement years.

The best thing about this book is that the author teaches about how our bodies are created at the cellular level so that the nutritional advice we read about actually makes sense and we will want to apply what we’ve learned.

The Eden Connection: Feel Better Look Younger, and Live a More Energetic Life

This book is a great healthy living resource!

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