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When Little is Much – Part 2

New Hope in Ethiopia I was recently made aware of another alternative income project, managed by friends. My heart prompted me to help them with what I considered to be a “little donation” from my business. A few months later, I was overjoyed to receive a report with several real-life stories about how “so little […]


When Little is Much – Part 1

Many people start off a new year by making some type of resolution to be more responsible with their cash flow than they have been in the past. Some are determined to make their dollars stretch farther by reducing their own wants and needs in order to be able to give more to those who […]


Healing Journeys – 2

My Healing Journey – Giving God Glory I’m excited to share with you a brief version of my own Healing Journey today – my first personal experience with God’s power to heal. But first I’d like to focus on the second chapter of Ephesians, as a continuation from my first post on Healing Journeys. God’s […]