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Throughout my student and professional life, I had never met a single book author. However, over the past few years, I’ve met a good number of authors in person or online. This is no coincidence; it’s a God-thing since these recent opportunities coincided with the desire that God had given me in 2007 – to help Christian authors prepare, publish and sell their books for the benefit of others in His Kingdom. The knowledge will help the readers. The income will help the authors. A blessing all around!

Some of the authors I’ve met are featured here. The subjects of the books are varied but each one is inspired by God. There’s something here for everyone, including parents, children, business people, pastors and students. Check them out!

All book sale profits from this website will be used to fund a “Women with Children Ministry”.

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“God’s Not Dead! True Miracle Stories of God’s Goodness and Grace”

This book is a collection of over 30 miracle stories, written or told by ordinary people who have experienced extraordinary things. Each of them is recorded, with integrity and from the heart, to encourage others to believe in, and to trust the God who made the miracles possible. The book includes stories of life change, transformation, provision, protection, and supernatural healing.

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The Overcomer's Hanbook

 The Overcomer’s Handbook: Preparing for the Best of Times, the Worst of Times and the End of Times

The author, Jerry Steingard, prepares the reader spiritually, mentally and practically for the changes that are coming. He likens the changes to tsunamis because of their great impact on the world for both Christians and non-Christians. Read about the spiritual awakening and the end-time harvest that are on the horizon.

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 The Power of the Blood

The Power of the Blood

An old hymn says that “There’s power in the blood”. But are we actually believing in and experiencing that power in our daily lives? The author of “The Power of the Blood” tells us how we can. This classic best-seller reveals how all of us can obtain the blessings of God that is made available through the blood shed by Jesus Christ. Help for coping with life’s difficult situations.

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 The Eden Connection

The Eden Connection: Feel Better, Look Younger, and Live a More Energetic Life

Christian author and Certified Health Coach, David Cooley provides excellent information for keeping our body healthy long into our retirement years. Cancer, heart disease and dementia are preventable if we know how God has designed our body at the cellular level and how he has given us everything we need to take care of it properly.

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 The Completeness of Calvary

“The Completeness of Calvary – Understanding What You Have Been Saved Into and How to Live it”

Too many Christians are dealing with depression, anxiety, fear, self-doubt, rejection, loss, marital conflict and addictions.  Author David Cooley shares how we can walk out our salvation daily in power and victory, rather than live in defeat.

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 Created For Success - You Were Created for More

“Created For Success – You Were Created for More”

Burt Richard is a motivational speaker, success coach and pastor, teaching the truth about what God has to say about success. Success is different for everyone but everyone can attain it. Discover why you are here, how to attain success and how to live a life of purpose.

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“Parenting Beyond Your Capacity – Connect Your Family to a Wider Community”

This book, co-authored by my own pastor, Carey Nieuwhof, and pastor Reggie Joiner, brings insights on how parents can team up with their church and their community to become the best parents they can possibly be. Invest in your children and improve your relationship with them, no matter what their age!

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“The Hero Club” – (Ages 4 to 8 )

Our first featured children’s book, “The Hero Club”, teaches young children the golden rule: “to do unto others…” This easy-to-read, large print picture book will encourage young readers to care about others and to be a HERO in their own school, in their community and in the world.

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   The Way of Ducks - A Cottage Devotional

“The Way of Ducks – A Cottage Devotional”

A beautiful collection of short, devotional stories inspired by a family of ducks and other creatures living in Laurie Lamb’s backyard. The author’s reflections lead her to many revelations about how God loves us and cares for us. An insert of real duck feathers.                         

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 I Am Still Here - An Inspirational Story of Healing

“I Am Still Here – An Inspirational Story of Healing”

How do we get through life, when it throws you a curveball? Cancer is a disease that affects your entire family. The author, Janice Cooper learns how to use God’s words to overcome the trial that she faces. Through prayer and praise, all things come together for her good. Her journey is a testimony of God’s love, faith and hope.

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  Answered Prayers - 101 Stories                                                                                                                                                                                              

“Answered Prayers” – 101  Stories of Hope, Miracles, Faith, Divine Intervention, and the Power of Prayer

Miracles happen all the time and these amazing stories of answered prayers will fill you with awe, inspire you, and strengthen your faith and hope.

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I Was Broke. Now I'm Not.


“I Was Broke. Now I’m Not” – Bring Your Finances to the Next Level with very simple strategies and tools

You too can walk out of financial bondage and into freedom. Learn how to do it God’s way so that you can do what you’ve been put on this earth to do!

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